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Echeyakee, the Whitemist - process - by Kan Liu


step-by-step for a building study
1. find out the shapes.
2. look for colors.
3. search positions for main details.
4. detailing.
5. refine the details.


This is a bit of a teaser slash workflow video of one of the illustrations for my upcoming Art Show called Witches & Wizards. It’s happening in June 2014, Cape Town South Africa.


All music has been used with permission from DISASTERPEACE. Visit and support his music at

Ulysse Verhasselt - Portrait step by step

Sean SevestreEscort (process)

"So here are some steps I took along the way and I’ll say a bit about them because people seemed interested but firstly to see it full size open the image in a new tab. 

First row: I don’t have a set process and every piece is different. Most change a lot more than this one did but something I try to do with every piece is establish my overall values, colours and composition at the very start. This can sometimes take quite a while but for this painting the end of the first row is probably about an hour into the painting maybe a bit more. I use a bunch of brushes and I’m just focused on getting my big overall look.

Second row: So once the foundation is in I start working out the shapes and stuff. I looked at a bunch of horses and spend quite a while messing with the trees trying to balance out shapes and contrast. I try all sorts of brushes and smudges on various opacity and flow percentages to get marks that might work. On the last step of the row I got some suggestions from Eytan, widening the painting a bit either side and adding more snow to the trees.

Final: Changed the angle of the girls face to make the character interaction more obvious, more refining etc. The hardest and biggest part of the painting is completed in the first row. The brushes I use are just a mixture of other peoples like Jaime Jones, Sergey Kolesov and Whit Brachna so download theirs and you’ll have all of mine and more.”

eytanzana: Process for The Gathering

eytanzana: Process for The Gathering

James Zapata - Knight of Crows (painting process)
Karla Ortiz - Fantasy character portrait demo .PDS file